Cafè Nou

True fusion

These days there is a lot of talk about fusion, but we have evidence that true fusion was invented in the 1940s at Café Nou.

You only needed to see Na Bárbara, a real Mediterranean matriarch who ran her legendary bar for more than half a century. She might have made you rabbit with onions or pa amb oli. Or she might have served you a liqueur coffee or lined the children up to share out some chocolate. This spirit of fusion still impregnates the café’s four walls, having been resumed by Na Silvia, a twenty-first-century Mediterranean matriarch who offers the same warm welcome to a retiree coming in for their usual coffee or to a Scandinavian executive who loves a chargrilled steak. She’ll just as easily serve you a small sandwich as cater a full-on party for you. This is real fusion. When the past and the future come together and embrace. When locals and foreigners greet each other. When day and night blend together in conversations, tapas, stews and concerts. True fusion.

Fusion is an haute cuisine menu with little Mallorcan touches. Fusion is being a bar, a restaurant, a terrace, a corner. It is being open not just from 8am to 12am but being open-hearted. More than enthusiasm. More than just food.

That is fusion. 

Upcoming events

Next April 18, the Yarará Music group will perform live at Cafè Nou while we taste a menu with 100% Cafè Nou essence.

A menu on fire

Charcoals and the wood fire are behind almost all the dishes on the menu at Café Nou. A delicate and ancient way of cooking that makes everything taste of home and truth.

More than enthusiasm. More than just food. That is fusion.

Talent nou

Talent Nou is an initiative that gives us all a massive thrill. It involves handing our space over to new talents so they can show their art to the world.  

Using our walls, a small stage, the sound system and a temporary projection system, artists and creators from any discipline possible have an analogical platform at Café Nou where they can showcase their talent.

Get in touch and see how we can help you with your art.

What guides us


We work with a feeling of happiness and optimism that means we are certain that we are where we want to be, doing what we want to do: paying homage to the life of the village and the Mediterranean culinary tradition.  

Enthusiasm propels us to go to the market to find the best seasonal produce, to smile at the people who choose us, to take care, to surprise, to pamper, to learn, to savour. Enthusiasm is the spark that relights the fire every day at Café Nou.


Honesty at every level is in our DNA. We are honest with our team: sharing information at business level. We have transparency in our recruitment processes. We speak clearly and invite everyone else to do the same. 

Honesty with regard to produce, its seasonality, its flavour. Letting it shine without disguising it.  

And of course, we are completely honest and authentic with our clients. With the quality, prices, with the coherence between what we are, what we serve, what we say and what we do.


A word perhaps formed by contracting community and union. A united community. Young and old, past and future, analogical and digital, memories and innovations, we unite art and gastronomy, breakfast time merges with vermouth hour, lunch merges into snack time, aperitif time and dinner.  

Our cuisine reflects this union which, in the form of fusion, brings together the traditional and the avantgarde to offer a lively, attractive menu with options designed for every pocket and time of the day. 


Abundance, more than a value, is an attitude. It is the conviction that there will be enough for everyone and the belief that giving is better than taking.

We are generous with the space we offer and with the time we spend.  

And we are generous with our team. We want them to have an abundant life, rich in experiences, which is why we value their time by paying them a decent salary for an 8-hour day. Because if you are fortunate in life, all those good vibes come back here. 

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